Finding the right mentor for your child athlete.

90% mental 10% athletics.  Make sure you are mindful in determining the right coach for your superstar athlete.   To be a good youth coach it is important to understand how to speak to the athlete in order to get the best results.  It is very easy to ask a child to curl the weight or to swing a kettlebell. Giving proper cueing the child’s body has the strength to do that.  To give a child a 30lb kettlebell and ask them to swing that, their eyes widen and jaw drops.  The size of the kettlebell becomes overwhelming and the obstacle becomes a challenge.  Their confidence determines if they can do something like that.   Their mental strength becomes more important than their physical strength.  As a trainer, I know the child is strong physically for the task, but mentally, without belief in themselves it doesn’t matter if the kettlebell is 10lbs or 100lb,  their attitude determines their ability.  It is up to their mental strength in order to become successful in their sport.  Synergy has the tools to empower the young athlete both mentally and physically.  Coach Jason has been working with kids for over 20 years.  He recognizes when a child is losing their confidence and how to push past the uncomfortable feelings of “I Can’t.”  Coach Jason has the ability to draw out the child’s weakness and find their superpower.  Children stop trying when they don’t believe they can be successful.  Naturally, Jason has the ability to recognize the child’s sense of determination and struggle.  Synergy is not another workout gym about throwing weights around or losing inches.  Those things are the byproduct.  Coach Jason successfully transforms kids from timid children into confident young adults.  He has trained many D1 athletes in all sports ranging in softball, lacrosse, and dive. This doesn’t have to be a dream.  It can be your child’s reality.  When raising a child athlete, it is important to provide a proper team of coaches.  Let your child get their sports technique from their coaches and leave the strength, conditioning, and mindfulness to Jason.

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