5 Reasons you need to schedule with a Massage Therapist today!

Massage therapy is a very underrated experience with loads of benefits. Massage therapist have studied the body, with years of training and fine-tuning their gifts. There is a magic touch, with deep healing that comes from the massage therapist deeper intention. It is too bad most people miss the greater importance of massage. There are 5 reasons you need to schedule your massage today. They are as follow 1. Massage therapist specializes in manually bringing the client back to balance. 2. A massage entices you to stay present, finding a deeper awareness to all the sensation carried in the body. The sensation of the pressure, feeling so good and yet it hurts at the same time. 3. Massage therapy encourages your worthiness. You deserve 60- 90 minutes of uninterrupted time because you are alive and breathing. 4. Massage therapy gives you a place to ramble without judgment. 5. It feels good to feel good.

  1. Massage therapist specializes in manually bringing the body back to balance. Licensed massage therapist are highly trained professionals. They are responsible, educated and passionate about helping others. The most amazing part about the massage therapist, not two are the same. Their talent lies in the proprioceptors of their fingertips. A massage therapist that has years of experience, will feel the muscles that are tight, stiff and stagnant, loosening the pathways for the energy and fluid to flush the tissue and balance the body. Tension in the body causes stress to the mind, therefore causing the body to feel anxious and overwhelming. The human body is made up of mainly fluids, it would only make sense to create fluidity in the tissue, draining toxins and encouraging healthy cellular repair.
  2. Massage Therapy entices you to stay present, finding a deeper awareness of all the sensation carried in the body. Most people are experiencing large uncontrollable stress in their lives from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed. The stress is a blanket on their true authentic self. Clouded by the fear of the future, stress brings them in the state of flight or fight, an ungrounded, unsettled feeling. Receiving massage therapy takes people out of flight or fight, to a state of deep relaxation. This place drops the brain in a deep theta wave. Massage therapy, gentle to the body, takes someone out of the fear of the future and enjoying the present. There are trigger points in the body where fluid and emotions are built up in the tissue. The muscle becomes achy, stiff and tender. The massage therapist approaches the body with healing hands, breaking the barriers and creating an even flow. There is a deep sensation, it hurts so good. Pain releases and stress melt away.
  3. Massage therapy encourages your worthiness. Once again I will say most people are very insecure in their lives. Safety is lacking regularly, the heard is feeling less and less secure in their present situation. Searching for acceptance and success, most people go to their social media page and look for reassurance that all is good in the world. Likes and comments equal I am worthy however, there is an empty feeling of false belief. For only a split second, the instant gratification of worthiness set in from the post, but then someone else puts themselves glamorously on the feed and again you feel insecure and unworthy. Massage therapist set an hour of their day special for you. Your body deserves to feel the healing flow of balance. You are worthy to receive time specially designed with you in mind. Your body deserves to release the pain from that sore spot right in the middle of you back. You deserve to receive uninterrupted time spent healing the body of stiff aches and pains from holding the world on your shoulders. You get to take a moment and love yourself equally to all those you treat better than you do yourself. You get to free yourself from burden and surrender to the goodness of the healing hands.
  4. Massage therapy gives you a place to ramble without judgment. Before I go any further, I am not saying massage therapist are psychologist. Massage therapist are trained to listen. The body is holding onto stress and tension. It is common for stress to manifest deep within the tissue producing pain and discomfort. The massage therapist will place pressure in certain areas of the body, causing words and feelings to swell to the surface. None of the words have to make sense. The words that come out are old patterns trapped deep inside the muscles causing a stiff, blocked self-belief. As the massage therapist works, like a geyser, releasing pressure, words fly out of the mouth no longer holds onto the past stress.
  5. It feels good to feel good. It is important for people to find gratitude and love for themselves. The more kind words and gentle approach to their body, the better the body will respond. Anxiety, stress, and depression can be reduced with a simple routine. It is common to brush our teeth regularly, take showers daily and eat vegetables as much as possible. Monthly bodywork must be added to the list in order to combat the brain’s natural response to stress, flight or fight. Stress brings upon our bodies the dis-ease in many forms. Taking the right steps to heal ourselves, mind body and spirit will make a body feel good. It feels good to feel good and it shows.

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