This is the real deal! Everyone wants to loose weight and look their best. It is plastered all over social media, the movies and television. Since the 80’s exercise and nutrition has sky rocketed, but so has obesity. In my 20 years of experience in the fitness industry I have seen the fades come and go. My first experience with working out was in 6th grade. I was a porky tweenager and the family thought we should give up the eclairs and get up at the butt crack of dawn and workout. This was back in the early 90’s, so instead of watching you tube or going to the gym, we listened to Jane Fonda on the vinyl record. She would have us moving with her aerobic workouts. I will say it was a short lived experience, but I did find a role model I would love to aspire to be. Jane Fonda is a beautiful human being. I battled with weight loss my whole adolescent life. I would eat a lot, gain weight, go on a diet, loose the weight, then gain it back again. The cycle felt endless. I used Taibo, Dancing with the Oldies and big box gyms. I never seemed to get the results I was looking for.

The Universe is amazing in its cosmic plan. I met my husband my junior year of college. My husband’s favorite thing to do is workout. He was coming off a stint of amateur body building and was in great shape. I thought he was amazing! The way he was able to use his body to lift and run and jump. I always admired the athlete, it was my dream to be fit and strong. Jason motivated me to get strong and stay fit. He has always been a little ahead of the curve within the fitness industry. He studied yoga back in 2000 and then poof it rolled into the industry like a bat out of hell. Ropes, Kettlebells and TRX started taking form around the same time Cross Fit became hug. Jason had a small gym in our garage he was working out of before all of that became mainstream. He is a pioneer in the industry. I believe it has something to do with his unique connection to movement and training. He truly is gifted in this field.

Jason got me hooked. His philosophy of exercise kept me interested all the time. I never got board. I always felt there were places I could improve and places I excelled. I could feel myself getting stronger every time I came to a workout. I will be happy to say I have been 10years never missing a beat. Going strong feeling great, I didn’t think there was anything that could top the feeling I was having. Understanding the waves of change, Jason could feel things moving once again in the industry. Science and technology ever expanding in the exercise world has once again opened a door.

MYZONE!!!!! It is exciting to think there is more to keep me hooked in this journey in exercise. Jason gave me a heart rate monitor to strap around my waist.

I strapped the MYZONE on and all of a sudden a box appeared on the TV screen. It had my stats on the screen with my name on top. It was live feed of my heart rate. He told me to excise using the tool he gave me. Each time I would push a little harder, my heart rate increased and the color in the box would change from, blue to green, green to yellow and at the hardest I could go, the box turned red. The first time I used this I thought I was going to puke or pass out. It was the first time I could actually tell how hard I was working at the time I was working. Honestly I thought I was working out hard before, but this is a whole other level. In my years I had the polar watch and would work in the zone, but this did something to me mentally. Instead of looking at the clock to see how long I had left, I was looking at pushing myself to get to yellow. The workout has changed for me. I get notifications after my workout and I can see how well I pushed myself. The app has become a place to review my effort and accountability for the month.

Myzone effort during a hard interval workout at home.

There is another really cool feature here. This records Myzone energy points or MEPS. The harder I push the more MEPS I get in the workout. The goal for me has been 1300 MEPS in a month. I have continued to track my progress and see my results. It’s a game I love to play. Me against myself for my best time. Some months are better than others, but I strive to stat consistent.

I love the way my body feels, my confidence rise and my clothes feel. I am grateful for Synergy and the journey I have taken to find the confidence that I have today. Move Better Feel Better Be Better!

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