Desiree’s Soul Dusting Experience

Distant Soul Dusting Healing

$50 Pre-recorded short guided meditation and Distant Healing

$50 Live Zoom Call brief analysis of Desiree’s findings

If you have any question or would like to book something please email Desiree at desireegolub@synergyfit.co

A force to be reckoned with, Desiree stands strong in the arena, exposing her vulnerabilities on a daily basis. Her journey hasn’t been an easy one but from an early age, she developed a strong intuition and healing ability. When she touches her clients she can feel the blockages they hold on to. After years of soul searching, grief healing and spiritual growth Desiree’s healing practice emerged. Studying astrology, energy work, intuition, Reiki, Craniosacral and psychic telepathy, Desiree developed a healing process called Soul Dusting.

The Energy that flows in and around our entire body, holds the wisdom of the universe. You hold all of the answers you have every wanted to know inside the energy waves.

Soul Dusting is a deep release of the “old self”. During our lifetime, experiences imprint emotions into our subconscious mind such as trauma, grief, sadness, and depression. Our experiences are like shattered glass, sharp and numbing within the energy channels. Dr. Upledger an Osteopath and founder of the Upledger Institute refers to this as an Energy Cyst. Desiree’s experience with the energy channels gains her access to communicate with the stale energy trapped in the body. So often we develop walls around our painful experiences preventing us from moving forward. Stuck pieces get trapped and buried while we walk around feeling unbalanced, insecure and saddened.

Soul Dusting releases the old holding patterns of energy. Once the body finds a sense of security to process the old painful memories, we no longer have to experience the story as a painful experience. Soul Dusting breaks the walls and allows us to open up to the truth deep inside. When the body begins to experience a sense of energetic awakening, the channels can flow freely. When you develop a smooth flowing energy channel, the information that comes through is life changing. You mind and body become one. You surrender to your previous belief system and allow another way to think and feel.

So you may wonder how energy can be exchanged without Desiree being in the room. The answer is simple. The way our brains work, we only give ourselves permission to understand only what we have been taught. If you were not taught about energy in a sense that you are an energy being, then you will need to open your awareness to a new reality.

A new way of thinking will change your life forever. Based on an ancient healing practice of Reiki, energy can move through time and space. The power energy has on our mind and body is tremendous. Working with energy channels within the chakra system, Desiree uses her Soul Dusting technique to release blockages and unwind restrictions. Her intention to place the energy in the body where it is struggling. You may feel pain in your shoulder, however, she may be holding your foot. Whatever you experience in your healing will be unique to yourself. You ultimately are your own healer. The areas of your life that are unbalanced will rise to the surface for you to let go. Join Desiree on your healing journey and see the changes occur in your life.

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