Ninja Man Jason

Functional Trainer and Yoga Instructor in CT

Personal Trainer, RYT 400 AOS certified, Band Certified, TRX Certified, NINJA MAN
Jason Golub has developed a fitness regime that will transform your body.  There is a positive reaction among his clients and each individual is trained to exceed their known potential.  Jason will educate his clients using skills he has picked up in his 15 years in the fitness industry. His repertoire of knowledge ranges from Yoga and Pilates to Vintage Bars and Kettlebells. When training with Jason it is typical for a client to train for 5 months without ever doing the same workout twice.  Jason takes his clients on a healing journey to shed pounds, tighten the muscle and sometimes let go of medication.  Yoga
I teach Yoga because of what it has done for me. Coming from a bodybuilding background, I had strong muscles but had no flexibility. I was looking good but was always injured. Yoga was able to give me flexibility and decrease my risk of injury. Yoga has also taken me on a wonderful journey to self-understanding. My Yoga teaching styles are Vinyasa Flow and Power. Synergy Training (Functional Training)
Synergy training is today’s embodiment of the timeless concept of Physical Culture: how to train for maximum functional strength, giving you a body that is even stronger than it looks, more durable, less prone to injury, and more resilient. Functional training includes training methods, equipment, and programs that have been proven to work across a wide spectrum of users, including elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, first responders, adolescents, and anyone looking to get more out of life.

To book a functional training class with Jason, click here.

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