Synergy App

MY ACTIVITY PLAN – This is the list of activities you are planning to do to keep you on track.

CLASSES AND WORKSHOP– Get direct access to the schedule to sign up for Live Zoom Classes and Workshops

NUTRITION – Here is a direct link to a food journal. Keep track of your food intake. Your success comes from consistency and accountability.

COMMUNITY – Join the Synergy community. We are all in this together. When you begin to see you are not alone in your journey, those people can help you achieve your goals.

MY ACCOUNT – This is the place to check your credits and membership status.

MY BOOKINGS – Here is a place to check how many classes you have taken in the month. Goals are achieved when we are committed to the changes.

WORKOUTS – Here is the place to find pre-recorded workouts and yoga.

MY DEVICES – This is where you can upload the data from your Apple watch.

SYNERGY FIT CREDITS – This is where you will purchase credits for the live Zoom classes. If you do not have an unlimited membership, you will need Synergy Credits to join the class.

WORKSHOP CREDITS – Use the workshop credits for special classes that are separate from the fitness classes.

FACEBOOK – Check out Synergy’s Facebook page to see the latest news.

ACCOUNT SETTINGS – This is an important place to set your app the way you want. You can customize the way your workout player displays the countdown, the clock and the short burst of motivation. You can also set the number of reminders you would like sent to your email. We are in this together. We want you to reach your goals and keep yourself consistent.

CHALLENGES – Here you can sign up for the challenges Synergy set up. It is proven that getting involved in a challenge will keep you motivated. You will see the consistency with a challenge like this.

JOIN OUR TRIBE – Here is the place to purchase your membership. We offer different memberships to meet your needs. The Pro membership is the most common. This gives you access to pre-made workouts, yoga, and mediation. Check out our options and get the one that will get you the results you are looking for.

MEET THE OWNERS – Get to know Jason and Desiree. Who is this couple? Where did these two come from?

PROGRESS – This is the place to find your progress. This lists the calories we burned and the workouts you have accomplished.

MY PROFILE This information stores all your stats like your weight, height, and age.

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