I strapped the MYZONE on and all of a sudden a box appeared on the TV screen. It had my stats on the screen with my name on top. It was live feed of my heart rate. He told me to excise using the tool he gave me. Each time I would push a little harder, my heart rate increased and the color in the box would change from, blue to green, green to yellow and at the hardest I could go, the box turned red.

5 Reasons you need to schedule with a Massage Therapist today!

Massage therapy is a very underrated experience with loads of benefits. Massage therapist have studied the body, with years of training and fine-tuning their gifts. There is a magic touch, with deep healing that comes from the massage therapist deeper intention. It is too bad most people miss the greater importance of massage. There areContinue reading “5 Reasons you need to schedule with a Massage Therapist today!”

Yoga, Meditation, Crystals, and Chakras

February 15, 2019, 6:45 PM Join Desiree as she takes you on a journey deep inside your mind and body. You will connect with the 7 major Chakras with deep meditation, light movement, and crystals. The Chakras are energy vortex that swirls above the center line of the body pressing out into our aura. The crystalsContinue reading “Yoga, Meditation, Crystals, and Chakras”