Darby L.

“Workout!, Do Yoga!, Take a workshop!, Get a Soul Dusting session! I’ve been with Synergy since it’s inception and as they’ve grown I’ve learned and grown. Nothing beats a caring set of people who are welcoming, non-judgmental, can get you motivated, and so willing to help you from wherever you are today. I’m the best I’ve ever been in mind, body and soul thank to them! Take the leap, find out what they’re all about- join today!”

Cathy C.

Love working out at Synergy!! Workouts are fun and engage all muscles and also help relieve stress. Great atmosphere to train in. You receive so much encouragement and it is a safe place to try new things and to get stronger. When I first started 9 years ago, I didn’t know what to do with a kettle bell. Now I workout with them all the time and know so many different exercises with them!  Desire and Jason enjoy helping others meet their goals. They are always looking for ways to enhance the workout experience! I highly recommend working out at Synergy!


I spent some Soul Dusting time with Desire and it was exactly what I needed.  Her intuition is incredible and can recognize something coming up inside me before I can even vocalize it.  She helps me stay in the moment to deal with an emotion rather than passing it by and it is helping me to grow through and past my ego and protecting emotions to a much more open and honest place.  If you have the opportunity to work with her, DO IT!!!!

Dena E.

“Why go to a big box gym when you can work with 2 wonderful people who’s only goal is to help you become the best version of yourself?! They do it from a place of ❤️ not a commission check….makes all the difference❣️❣️❣️“

Beth R.

I want to just say thank you Desiree and Jason for the amazing business that they have maintained through this entire crazy pandemic. I have been able to keep my 6 days week working out with a smooth transition to my home using zoom and they been amazing. Jason has kept us focused, motivated and has made a big difference in how our health has continued to be focused and maintained during this difficult time. I cannot say enough how wonderful they are, and would wholeheartedly recommend them!!

Brendan F.

Whether you go to Synergy for fitness, massage, or yoga, you will leave entirely satisfied. This is a place where everyone feels comfortable and becomes more connected to both their body and mind. I cannot thank Synergy enough for what they’ve done for me over the years on my path to playing College Lacrosse. ~


Brent C.

Jason Golub is the whole package. He will inspire you, educate you, and leave you feeling incredible after one of his unique and dynamic workouts. He has been in the business for awhile and is a true professional. Jason stands way out from the rest. Try one of his workouts at synergy fitness (1st one is free) and I guarantee you will be back! ~



Beth O

Synergy is an outside of the box “gym”. After working out with weights and cardio i needed a different type of physical challenge.
Each class is unique and challenging. You are mentally challenged as much as physically. You are pushed to overcome both physical and the fear of not being able to do something. Yoga and R. O. P. A. Class is the best, they have increased my confidence, strength and ability to just go for it. ~