The exclusive mastermind for those ready to change.

The art of dropping fear fantasies and doing what makes you HAPPY.

with Desiree and Jason Golub

This Group Will Help You Amplify The Performance Of Your Business Idea While Tearing Down The Barriers That Are Constantly Holding You From That Next Level!

  • This class is ONLY for people willing to do the following: 1)Play full out 2)Be coachable 3) Push yourself 4) Have fun. IF you can comfortably do these four things, this may be perfect for you.
  • This class is for those committed to change their lives, taking action, and changing negative thought patterns.
  • This is not for someone who is all talk.

There are only a few spots for this incredible class…

Join us October 12th at 2pm

This Group Is The Apex. It Is Elite. It Is The Highest Level Mastermind That Has Ever Been Created. Here Are What Others Have To Say About Learning From Desiree and Jason Golub…

“This Will Be The Greatest Mastermind You Have Ever Attended”

“Synergy was the first place I took a legitimate yoga class and I absolutely loved it! Desiree is an amazing soul and provides such a wonderful environment for you to get the most out of your practice.” – Brittney Czarnecki

Why Do You Need This Mastermind? And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever to Join?

  1. Gathering the Best Like-minded People… When the room is buzzing with creative forces, it will create a collective consciousness intended to build confidence to take steps on your new path. You will shed layers of your old self, breaking away from the negative self-talk. You will learn how to listen to intuition without fear.
  2. This Is An Experience Of a Lifetime… This is unlike any class you have ever been too. You will learn how to break away the untruth. Discover your life’s purpose when you commit to vulnerability and self-reflection. Build up your positivity and change your perspective.
  3. Develop Positive Mental and Physical Habits… You will learn how to change your thoughts and change your life. Learning tools to change your perspective will help you stay focused on changing your life. You no longer need to be scared of change.
  4. You Will Recieve a Reiki 1 Attunement… Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing energy method. Reiki Master Usui brought this healing method to his people with the intention to heal. Reiki Master Desiree believes everyone in the world should understand how to use this modality. Once attuned you will be able to self treat the body and mind. You will go home daily to practice self-healing, meditation, and mindfulness.