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Let us go back in time to 1999. Desiree and Jason were separately cruising the college scene, looking for adventure. It was a cold Valentine’s night, neither was looking forward to the cliche holiday traditions, both were dragged out by their friends. Desiree walked into the bar, looked over to Jason, and their eyes locked. The intuition she felt was overwhelming and she ran into the bathroom to compose herself. Desiree returned, approached Jason, and said “I am not sure why, but I have to talk to you.” Jason pulled up a chair out and they talked for hours. Since that moment they haven’t left each other’s side.

It is said that those we are destined to help are the ones looking for what you have successfully let go of. Jason and Desiree have a beautiful healing practice. Their love synergistically blends to create a beacon of light for those looking to release what no longer serves them. There are many lives changed by the healing vibes they create.


Desiree is a unique person. She tragically lost her parents at a very young age. She has felt grief so strong throughout her life. Desiree was raised by her aunt in a family with strong beliefs in energy, work, spirit guides, and telepathy. Her aunt provided her with the security to find her mother in spirit form which gave her the strength of knowledge she was not gone.

Desiree is a force to be reckoned with. She stands strong in the arena exposing her vulnerability on a daily basis while continuing to develop strong intuition, healing ability, and life coaching skills. When she touches her clients, she can feel the blockages they hold on to. Using her gifts of astrology, energy work, intuition, yoga, Reiki, craniosacral, psychic telepathy, and other spiritual skills, she helps to unblock the path.


Jason is a true rebel. At an unusually young age, he questioned his own existence in developed a strong intuition and belief in the power of the higher self. He realized that his thoughts created his reality. Jason has the gift of motivation. He pulls people from the darkness and makes them see their own light. His life’s purpose is to educate on how to balance one’s mind and body.

Using skills developed over his 20+ years in the fitness industry, Jason develops fitness programs that transform bodies. Each individual is trained to exceed their known potential. His repertoire extends beyond fitness and ranges from kettlebells and vintage bars to Yoga and Pilates.


“Workout!, Do Yoga!, Take a workshop!, Get a Soul Dusting session! I’ve been with Synergy since it’s inception and as they’ve grown I’ve learned and grown. Nothing beats a caring set of people who are welcoming, non-judgmental, can get you motivated, and so willing to help you from wherever you are today. I’m the best I’ve ever been in mind, body and soul thank to them! Take the leap, find out what they’re all about- join today!” ~ Darby L.

Love working out at Synergy!! Workouts are fun and engage all muscles and also help relieve stress. Great atmosphere to train in. You receive so much encouragement and it is a safe place to try new things and to get stronger. When I first started 9 years ago, I didn’t know what to do with a kettle bell. Now I workout with them all the time and know so many different exercises with them! Jason and Desiree enjoy helping others meet their goals. They are always looking for ways to enhance the workout experience! I highly recommend working out at Synergy! ~Cathy C.

Why go to a big box gym when you can work with 2 wonderful people who’s only goal is to help you become the best version of yourself?! They do it from a place of ❤️ not a commission check….makes all the difference❣️❣️❣️ ~ Dena E.

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