Who are we?

Synergy Massage & Fitness is a health and wellness facility unlike any other, one that utilizes modern techniques to bring a unique and unparalleled approach to overall mind and body health. Co-founders Desiree and Jason Golub have created a judgment-free zone where people of all ages, skill levels, and walks of life can feel comfortable working towards the common goal of bettering themselves.

​Desiree and Jason have over 20 years experience, developing their skills necessary to change the mindset of a culture. Intuitively reading their clients, identifying their holding patterns and devising a plan, the two have successfully changed people’s lives. They tackle real issues such as chronic pain, stiffness, anxiety, depression and other health concerns with hands-on care and guidance. Mindset is the key to a successful healing practice. Each client will begin to focus inwardly for their answers with courage and strength to face their demons.

Meditation, yoga, exercise, body work and workshops are offered at Synergy. There is something for everyone looking for changes in their daily life.

Synergy also specialize in Youth Athletics.  Strength and conditioning for children with dreams of playing professionally.  Coach Jason is an exceptional trainer with out of this world experience.  Get your child to the next level with Jason’s metal and physical mentoring. 

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