Full Body Strength and Conditioning Training

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Strength and Conditioning – Ninja Warrior Training – Personal Training – Speed and Agility

Fitness for all ages and all levels. Synergy Fitness is designed to build muscle, strength, speed, agility and confidence. Feel better in your body when training at Synergy Fitness. Watch your teen’s coach recognize the changes. A place you and your child will look forward working out and getting strong.

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“You will only receive the health, wealth, and happiness equivalent to your level of self: self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth.” ~Darren Hardy

Personal Training

Kettlebells, ropes, trx, band personal training. Fitness for all ages. Workouts near me.

During Jason’s one on one session, he focuses on your physical and mental fitness.  If you are dedicated to making changes in your life, however, rely only on your physical body, without making changes to your mental practice, you will never be happy with your results.  An unhealthy body comes from years of negative self-talk, poor nutrition, and minimal physical movement. 

It is important when you are looking for a personal trainer that you consider the changes in your lifestyle.  You are choosing to become different.  Make sure you are committed to change.  Exercise, eating healthy and positive self-talk is an ongoing lifestyle.  You will break old habits, create a new routine and dedicate a part of your life to YOU.    

Small Group Personalized Training

Small group fitness training. Great for all skill levels. Workouts, strength and endurance. Flexibility and balance.

Small-Group Training with 6 people or less in a supportive social distancing environment. Kettlebells, ropes, Viprs, bands and suspension systems to provide full-body functional training. Everyone is welcome to join this wonderful atmosphere of positivity and encouragement.

Teen Classes

Teen Classes are perfect for all skill levels. From your dedicated athlete to the first time gym enthusiast, Synergy workouts will challenge everyone who enters. Our mission is to leave the ego at the door and focus on physical education. Teens learn how to move in all planes of motion, developing coordination, balance and stamina. Taking shy, timid kids and empowering them with strength and confidence.

Teen Speed and Agility

Speed and Agility. Fitness for the teen athlete looking to improve speed and agility.

Focuses on footwork, balance, reaction running and jumping. Makes you faster, stronger and better all-around athlete.

Ninja Warrior Training Teens + Adults

Ninja warrior training for all ages. Swinging, jumping, reaching, for all the hanging apparatus.

Focuses on climbing, swinging, jumping, balance, and coordination. Builds confidence and strength. Puts you on the path to compete on American Ninja Warrior.

Youth Team Training

Youth team training, kettlebells, relay races, team bonding drills.

Leave the conditioning and strength to the experts. Youth athletics is highly competitive with national competitions all over the country. When you are dedicated to your child’s sports dream it is important to incorporate exercise into their schedule. Coach Jason will get your kid ready for any sport. If you would like Jason to train your kid’s team, he is ready for you.

Yoga Class

yoga stretching, healing movements, meditation and gentle relaxation

Desiree offers an gentle relaxing yoga class online or in person. Bring a yoga mat and drift away from the outside world. Learn to quiet your thoughts and take deep breaths. All levels welcome.

Online Virtual Training

Fitness Trainer, online training, workouts HIIT Workouts, Stretching.

Online group training is the evolution of working out and feeling great. Get excited to workout with a trainer watching your body alignment and effort. You will love the way these classes make your body feel. Monday – Thursday at 8 am



By tracking you activity, you can confirm whether you are putting in enough effort or if you can give a little more. No more guessing. Myzone uses your heart rate to determine your effort level and helps you adjust you workout according to the results you want to achieve.