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“You will only receive the health, wealth, and happiness equivalent to your level of self: self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth.” ~Darren Hardy

Personal Training

During Jason’s one on one session, he focuses on your physical and mental fitness.  If you are dedicated to making changes in your life, however, rely only on your physical body, without making changes to your mental practice, you will never be happy with your results.  An unhealthy body comes from years of negative self-talk, poor nutrition, and minimal physical movement. 

It is important when you are looking for a personal trainer that you consider the changes in your lifestyle.  You are choosing to become different.  Make sure you are committed to change.  Exercise, eating healthy and positive self-talk is an ongoing lifestyle.  You will break old habits, create a new routine and dedicate a part of your life to YOU.    

Small Group Personalized Training

Small-Group Training with 6 people or less in a supportive social distancing environment. Kettlebells, ropes, Viprs, bands and suspension systems to provide full-body functional training. Everyone is welcome to join this wonderful atmosphere of positivity and encouragement.

Teen Classes

Teens 13- 18 classes are designed to get kids moving and feeling great. Running, jumping, swinging, agility and balance are key components to a an athlete’s coordination. Jason is an incredible coach that encourages teenagers to try hard, never give up, and take accountability for their actions. It takes a village to raise a child. Jason is ready to get your teen moving and having a great time.

Youth Team Training

Leave the conditioning and strength to the experts. Youth athletics is highly competitive with national competitions all over the country. When you are dedicated to your child’s sports dream it is important to incorporate exercise into their schedule. Coach Jason will get your kid ready for any sport. If you would like Jason to train your kid’s team, he is ready for you.

Yoga Class

Desiree and Jason offer different styles of yoga. If you are looking for a gentle stretch vinyasa flow check out what Desiree has to offer. If you are looking for strength, conditioning, grounding, and power join Jason for his Yoga. Both incredibly beneficial mentally and physically. You can do Yoga live virtually or in the studio. If your schedule doesn’t blend with ours, no problem, we offer On-Demand pre-recorded yoga classes to get your mind at ease.


By tracking you activity, you can confirm whether you are putting in enough effort or if you can give a little more. No more guessing. Myzone uses your heart rate to determine your effort level and helps you adjust you workout according to the results you want to achieve.

Online Virtual Training

Online group training is the evolution of working out and feeling great. Get excited to workout with a trainer watching your body alignment and effort. You will loge the way these classes make your body feel. Grab our app and see what classes we have in our schedule for you.


Agility Mat is a fun, durable and effective fitness tool and on-demand video training platform. Our patent-pending design and expert instruction support people of all ages and skill levels in their quest to get moving, stay moving, and move better.This is a perfect tool for coaches, teachers and trainers to use for group fitness classes while still promoting social distancing. Positive Affirmations are printed on the mat to keep you in the right mind set throughout your workout!

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