*Synergy is currently offering virtual, online, and in-person fitness training with the adoption of social distancing best practices. We are also offering virtual wellness workshops.*

Balanced Complete Strength

Body and Mind


Synergy is a fitness and wellness studio that provides supportive, energetic, and inclusive services that bring balance to the entire person, body, and mind. Synergy helps people find their physical and inner strength through fitness training, wellness, spiritual therapies, and massage.

Synergy offers a variety of fitness options to people of all ages and levels including school-age and team workouts. Whether a beginner or pro, goals of weight loss, gaining muscle, or getting in shape, there are options to help reach your fitness goals. Options include group workouts, personal training, online and in-person.

Wellness workshops, classes, and therapies support the mind and spirit. Explore the many options in our wellness center that range from yoga to Chakra balancing, massage, Reiki, and more.

Business partners and partners in life Jason and Desiree have a beautiful and healing practice that combines their individual strengths. They learn each individual’s goals and align their expertise to realize them. Their passionate commitment to helping others changes lives.